European Government CERTs (EGC) group

The EGC group forms an informal association of governmental CERTs in Europe. Its members effectively co-operate on matters of incident response by building upon a fundament of mutual trust and understanding due to similarities in constituencies and problem sets.

To achieve this goal, the EGC members:

  • Jointly develop measures to deal with large-scale or regional network security incidents
  • Facilitate information sharing and technology exchange relating to IT security incidents and malicious code threats and vulnerabilities
  • Identify areas of specialist knowledge and expertise that could be shared within the group
  • Identify areas of collaborative research and development on subjects of mutual interest
  • Communicate common views with other initiatives and organizations

EGC is an operational group with a technical focus. It does not determine policy, which is the responsibility of other agencies within the members' national domain. EGC members generally speak for themselves and on their own behalf.


The list of members is available here. The application process is currently closed.

EGC is part of an international environment

Recognizing the global aspects of vulnerability and incident management, EGC members cooperate with other international CERT initiatives.

For example many EGC teams are members of FIRST and TFCSIRT, supporting their respective European and worldwide activities.

Individual EGC members also participate in ENISA activities and contribute to ENISA deliverables.

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